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Make your outdoor space green and vibrant!

Call us for all your landscaping construction needs.

LMT Landscaping: Your Locally Owned Landscaping Contractor in Medicine Hat

Nothing’s quite as relaxing as reclining under the shade of a tree next to vibrantly coloured flower beds and freshly mown lawn. For homeowners it’s a great way to expand on your outdoor living space. For offices and commercial buildings, it can brighten up areas around buildings of concrete, glass, and brick, giving it a much more inviting feel. Surrounding the places where we live and work with plants has a soothing effect on our nerves, helping us feel happier and even live longer. At LMT Landscaping, we create green spaces for commercial, municipal or residential projects. When you need landscaping contractors in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas, we’re the ones to call.

From Hardscape to Softscape, We Do It All

No two properties are ever quite the same. Each one comes with its own unique demands and needs concerning landscaping and hardscaping. Whether you need grading, trees, shrubs and grass or want to install patios, pathways and decorative rock around your property, our company can carry out your projects just like you have imagined them. You can count on our skilled staff to provide topsoil, irrigation, live materials and a variety of rock products.

Contact us for all your landscaping projects, including:

Get a Free Estimate on Our Landscaping Services
Plan your investment with LMT Landscaping! With many years of experience, we can offer you a reliable estimate free of charge, so you can better outline your budget. Take a look at our previous landscaping projects in Medicine Hat and contact our team to request a free estimate.

Let It Blossom, Let It Grow

Hydroseeding is one option to establish a lush grass for large areas.

Turn on the Waterworks

Keep your outdoor space healthy and fertile with an irrigation system.

We Will, We Will Rock You

We’ll construct the non-living elements of your garden like paving stones, block walls and xeriscaping.

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