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For Hydroseeding, Medicine Hat Clients Rely on Us

Instead of Sod, on larger projects look to LMT Landscaping for hydroseeding in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. If you’re not familiar with hydroseeding, this is a method of seeding that involves mixing seed, mulch, water and other additives to form a slurry; the additives can be adjusted depending on the seed we’re planting and the growing environment, so as to create the best growing conditions possible for your needs. The slurry is sprayed in a layer onto the ground as an effective way of establishing grass in an area. The seeds germinate into grass and the mulchy mixture will break down and become part of the soil.

Advantages of Hydroseeding
There are numerous advantages to hydroseeding over other methods of planting. Hydroseeding can:

  • Prevent soil erosion

  • Insulate seeds from extreme temperatures

  • Retain moisture for quicker seed germination

  • Save time by applying all of the soil additives at the same time

Hydroseeding could be a great option for your property! Contact LMT Landscaping for more information, including a free estimate.

Big and Small, We Do It All

Make your outdoor space green and vibrant! Call us for all your landscaping construction needs.

Hydroseeding with a truck
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