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Irrigation Services: See Us for an Irrigation System in Medicine Hat

Here on the Prairies, summers can be dry and hot, and this can have serious consequences on your landscaping. Without proper, frequent watering, your plants could die and your grass and greenery could become brown and barren. That’s why LMT Landscaping offers irrigation. With an irrigation system, Medicine Hat-area properties can stay lush and inviting even when the summer is hot. Irrigation provides an effective, low-maintenance method of water. No more standing out in the blazing sun with a hose, trying to distribute water evenly throughout your property. An irrigation system will do all of the hard work for you!

Residential and Commercial Irrigation
We work on all sorts of properties throughout the Medicine Hat area, including both residential homes and commercial facilities. In addition to front lawns and back gardens, we can serve condos, municipal properties (like schools and sports fields), private facilities (like office buildings with landscaping out front) and more. We handle all aspects of irrigation!

Get a free estimate on an irrigation system—contact us today.

Big and Small, We Do It All

Make your outdoor space green and vibrant! Call us for all your landscaping construction needs.

Irrigation on apartments building lawn
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