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Topsoil & Sod Services in Medicine Hat

A well-kept yard offers many benefits including an additional space to entertain guests and a way to increase to the overall value of your property. Get that beautiful, lush, green lawn you’ve always wanted for your backyard with sod. Serving Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas, LMT Landscaping supplies and installs sod for homeowners, municipal projects, commercial buildings, and more. Sod is a type of grass that has already been planted. It’s sold in sections that include both the grass and soil held together by roots and other materials. Using sod, you can easily transform that patchy yard into an evenly grown lawn in no time. No need to deal with seeds – sod just needs to be laid out and it’s ready to go!

How Sod Benefits Your Medicine Hat Garden & Landscape

Sod in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area has many uses. Some people use sod to cover up exposed dirt or brown patches in their lawns. You can use sod for backyards, golf courses, in front of corporate buildings, and properties of new homes. Sod is a great choice for gardening and landscaping projects because it gives you a lawn much quicker that planting grass seed. You don’t have to wait until a certain time of the year to lay sod, it takes root better, and you won’t have as many weeds to deal with compared to grass seed planting. Lastly, sod doesn’t have to be watered every day and requires less water than seed to get started.

Need Topsoil? LMT Landscaping Has That Too

In addition to selling and installing sod, LMT Landscaping also supplies homeowners, contractors, and other property owners with topsoil. Topsoil is the upper or outermost layer of soil with a high concentration of organic matter. It is generally about two to seven inches deep. The organic matter is made up of plant roots, leaves, stems, and other materials that are left to decompose. Topsoil is great for gardens and lawns because of its high concentration of nutrients. 

Topsoil is different from sod in that it consists of just soil. In fact, most property owners spread a layer of topsoil down before installing their sod.

Visit LMT Landscaping – Your Local Landscaper

Whether you want to lay sod for your new home or require topsoil to start your garden, LMT Landscaping has what you need for a wide variety of landscaping or gardening projects. Visiting your local landscaper for sod and topsoil saves you time and money. Not only are we conveniently located, but our landscaping experts understand the area – both the soil and the climate. Our team can help you figure out just how much topsoil you will need as well as explain the best places to lay your sod to get the most out of your investment. Visit LMT Landscaping today to learn more about topsoil and sod in Medicine Hat and the surrounding area.

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